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If the Ten Commandments don’t really do it for you but you can’t quite stomach Dr. Phil either, then why not dip your mental big toe into This Unholy Mess? I can sound as authoritative as Oprah, as enthusiastic as Joel Osteen, and as esoteric as Ron Hubbard—and I can do it all without the terrible burden of wealth and notoriety that might risk infusing my writing with a bit of legitimacy. Much of what you will find on the blog is political, if only because I am a fan of tragi-comedy; but there are plenty of offensive religious and social topics to disturb just about anyone with a reasonably closed mind, a slight chip on his shoulder, and a desire to confront people belligerently from the safety of a computer keyboard. Enjoy!


How great is it to live in a country like ours, hah? A place where people are increasingly free to express their true natures without fear of censure or retribution. A place where, just a few years ago, so many were forced to live in fear, closeting their authentic selves to avoid being social outcasts, but who now, in today’s more accepting and open society, can be who they always were inside. I am referring of course to America’s evangelicals, in the Trump era. These poor souls, who for so long were forced by rigid societal norms to act like decent, ethical people, shouting “Alleluia!” and “Praise the Lord!” at church services, when in reality they were longing to pick up a tiki torch and cry out, “Blood and Soil!” and “Lock her Up!” It is only now, at last, that they are able to joyfully and openly express their trans-moral natures, and live in the bright sunlight of truth. They have been liberated from the façade, the pretense of decency and uprightness that had historically been such a source of distressing hypocrisy for them. Though some trans-moralists will tell you that their coming out of the closet and expressing support for our “president” is related only to their fervent desire to mandate what each and every American woman does with her body, we would be remiss in not pointing out all the other benefits that they now enjoy as members of America’s trans-moral community. Having freed themselves through Trump’s decency-fluid views, they can applaud the separation of asylum-seeking parents from their small children (as long as they are people of color, of course), and the incarceration of those children in the most wretched conditions. They can cheer for courageous American white supremacists, who have also seen a recent surge in public acceptance. The can thrill to the utterly blind and self-destructive government policies that resolutely pander to fossil fuel interests, ignoring the climate crisis. They can rejoice in the desolation of the Palestinian people as parts of the West Bank are deemed eligible for annexation by Israel. What a bonanza. Admittedly, It is possible that part of their enthusiasm for the “president” rests in the fact that he seems to be speaking in tongues most of the time, but...   Read more

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