This Unholy Mess


Pizzagate Nation

Just in case you’re not up to speed with the REAL news, and by that I mean items that the sinister, conspiratorial mainstream media systematically keep hidden from you, here are a few rock-solid revelations that are guaranteed to fill you with the most satisfying kinds of bile, and increase to health-threatening levels your hatred of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters. Oprah, too. These are truths that have been wrenched from the heart of the Deep State by stout-hearted patriots who have risked near-fatal ridicule to bring them into liberty’s sweet daylight.
First, did you know that George Soros has an ad on Craigslist, looking for people he can pay to attend anti-Trump demonstrations? Yup. It might seem absurd that he would do this when Trump’s fiery opposition is clearly motivated enough on its own; it’s perhaps even crazier that someone with Soros’s resources and savvy would use Craigslist at all. But it’s the truth. It says so on Twitter.
How about a more serious issue, the case of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer murdered on the streets of Washington in July of 2016? The MSM want you to believe he was the victim of a random crime, but we know better, don’t we? The real, honest-to-God and utterly unverified truth is that Rich provided Wikileaks chief Julian Assange with compromising DNC emails, the ones that appeared in the press to the chagrin of Democrats. Hillary and friends had him eliminated before he could do more damage. If you aren’t a stickler for details like evidence or proof, the whole story is true.
It goes without saying that none of this trash would receive anything like the broad acceptance it currently enjoys were it not for the careful ministrations (not to say manipulations) of our president. It is through his pernicious influence that we are seeing broad acceptance of shameful fantasies like Pizzagate, a piece of prime pre-election “news” asserting that Hillary Clinton was involved in a child sex slave ring operating out of a pizzeria in Washington D.C. It is through Trump’s influence—ignorant or evil or both–that we’re seeing the right wing’s accelerated transformation from a sane if fractious group to a drooling, snarling collection of paranoid lunatics, with the internet–and, more specifically, social media–as their vehicle.
To be fair, social media are a mixed blessing for all of us. The bewildering speed and variety of online experience has made us vulnerable to every kind of distraction, each new bit of sensationalism breaking through our 5-second attention spans like a sixer of Miller Lite through the bottom of a flimsy paper bag. So hey, if you’re still reading this, that’s a small victory already. You’ve been tethered to this old horse for—what?–a good ninety seconds? I’m deeply apologetic that in the end it won’t have been worth your time.
We keep hearing about how social media are bringing people closer together. That might be true, but it’s worth considering the notion that it might be a good thing if people were a little farther apart sometimes. God created space and distance to keep everything from being in the same place. In this day and age, with everything converging in one big clustermuck, that seems divinely wise.
Faced with the ugly ooze dripping out of the wreckage of our cultural collisions, as well as with the dark power of the internet as wielded by Trump, it is possible to view the nation as coming apart: more the Untied States than the United States. Untied from each other, and from the foundational principles and ideals of the nation.
Now more than ever it is vital to put our confidence in the institutions that have gotten us this far in our history. I took great comfort, for example, in seeing a gaggle of Republican congressman, drunk on phony indignation and jockeying for some C-Span time, faced down by their fellow Republican, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General. It was bracing to hear the informed, crisp responses of this tried-and-true, 30-year veteran of government service, who made no apologies for his dedication to the rule of law. Seeing this made me want to wholeheartedly echo social media when, as it so often does, it offers the link, “See more like this.”
Whether we’re thinking before or after the advent of the internet, it is appropriate to ask: Does anyone remember when a President of the United States did not operate with the assumption that it was okay to consistently say absolutely anything, regardless of the truth? Does anyone recall a time when most public statements of the President of the United States were not full of taunting, gloating, and sneering?
That would be little more than 18 months ago—though it seems like a lifetime in a nation coming untied.

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